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TDS Seam Sander

TDS Teak Deck Seam Sander

TDS Teak Deck Seam Sander

Price: 44.50 (53.40 Including VAT at 20%)

Designed for vertical sanding of the sides of seams to remove old material before re-caulking, the TDS Seam Sander ensures the best possible preparation for new caulk to bond to the teak. Use it to remove final residue of caulking, leaving a totally clean surface for the new caulk to bond to.

  • Specially designed and constructed for long service life
  • Professional in ease and speed of operation
  • Made of the finest quality steel and hardwood
  • Manufactured with a comfortable smooth grip
  • Adjustable depth sanding surface - from 5mm to 22mm
  • Kit consists of handle, sanding surface & fifteen 40 grit sanding strips
  • Sandpaper strip replacements available

Complete with fifteen 40 grit self-adhesive strips.

TDS Seam Sander - Replacement Strips 6pk

Price: 6.25 (7.50 Including VAT at 20%)