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KiwiGrip Non-Skid Deck

KiwiGrip Non-Skid Deck Coating

KiwiGrip Non-Skid Deck Coating

KiwiGrip is . . .

A tough acrylic polymer coating providing a durable, homogeneous, elastic anti-skid surface for your decks.

Using the supplied KiwiGrip roller a uniform, seamless textured finish is acheivable with very little effort.

Low-glare, non reflective finish. Very low VOC - water based.

Contains no filler materials such as sand, shells or beads.

Sailing Today 2010 Gear Test.

Application Instructions

KiwiGrip 1 litre

KiwiGrip 1 litre

Enough for approximately 2 sq m.

Free roller cover supplied with each order.

Price: 49.35 (59.22 Including VAT at 20%)

KiwiGrip 4 litre

KiwiGrip 4 litre

Enough for approximately 8 sq m.

Free KiwiGrip roller cover supplied with each order.

Price: 145.95 (175.14 Including VAT at 20%)

KiwiGrip X-Fast Commercial Black 4lt

KiwiGrip X-Fast Commercial Black 4lt

Using BASF's X-Fast powder we can now acheive a full black, high grip commercial KiwiGrip. Ideal for Charter and Military RIB floors, gangways and platforms with the same ease of application as the standard product.

Durability and flexibility is excellent as is long term UV resistance.

Price: 159.95 (191.94 Including VAT at 20%)

KiwiGrip 4 inch Mini Roller Cover

KiwiGrip 4 inch Mini Roller Cover

Price: 5.50 (6.60 Including VAT at 20%)

Additional 4" KiwiGrip textured roller cover with mini roller (pin bar/radiator roller) hole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a primer or undercoat under KiwiGrip?

Generally - no. KiwiGrip can be applied over any sound, non-porous surface. Bare GRP is ideal as long as it has been abraded to a matt finish. Previous non-slip coatings (Interdeck, Deck Coat etc.) need only a scrub wash with a good quality detergent such as International Super Cleaner.

What preparation do I need for bare wood?

Wood is obviously a porous surface that needs to be sealed with either an epoxy or a metallic type primer before a water based product like KiwiGrip can be applied successfully.

What about Steel or Aluminium?

Both need a proper anticorrosive primer scheme before KiwiGrip can be applied.

Can I apply KiwiGrip over worn Treadmaster Diamond Pattern?

No. Treadmaster is a natural cork based product that will 'suck' the water content from KiwiGrip and ruin the curing process. Treadmaster and TBS type sheets need to be removed first. You do not need to be too meticulous about removing the epoxy glue residue as KiwiGrip will cover this completely if applied with the textured roller.

How long does it last?

The quoted life of a properly applied KiwiGrip deck is 10,000 sailing hours. It is a fantastically hardwearing and flexible coating that will stand the test of time better than any other product.

Storage Temperature Minimum 10°C Maximum 50°C

Shelf Life (months) 18.

Stock Colours.