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Skippers Eposealer 97

Skippers Eposealer 97

Skippers Eposealer 97

Waterproofing, anti-osmosis two component primer

Two-component epoxy coating performing excellent adhesion, waterproofing and mechanical characteristics such as flexibility and long term resistance. It may even glue surfaces which are not perfectly dry. Used for anti-osmosis treatment in fibreglass boat bottom. EPOSEALER 97 can be applied both on an appearently sound gelcoat or after that the faulty gelcoat has been removed completely. Also applied as anticorrosive primer for metal (cast iron and light alloys parts etc.). It is also used for gluing purposes (e.g. wood to wood, wood to fibreglass etc.). Used also for restoring old wooden boats, EPOSEALER 97 is absorbed by the grains in the wood conferring adequate waterproofing and mechanical resistance; for repairing purposes when used in combination with fibre sheets etc.

MIXING RATIO A+B: 2 parts Sol. A with 1 part Sol. B

POT LIFE A+B: 2-3 hours


APPLICATION: Stiff bristle brush

DILUTION: 5% Thinner 765 (30-40% Thinner 765 if used as a keying priemr)

DRYING TIMES: dust dry: 4-6 hours; recoat time: 18-24 hours

TH.COVERAGE: 5 m2/Lt for 100 dry microns


Skippers Eposealer 1.5 litres

Skippers Eposealer 1.5 litres

Price: 37.20 (44.64 Including VAT at 20%)