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Reactive Resins SYNERGY Micro-Porous Copper Antifouling

Reactive Resins SYNERGY

Reactive Resins SYNERGY

SYNERGY is a new long life copper antifouling that has taken four years to develop and perfect. It has all of the advantages of epoxy-copper antifoulings but by using a new water born thermoset resin binder it avoids the problems of unreliable performance and occasional failures that beset all epoxy bound copper antifoulings.

SYNERGY is unique because unlike epoxy resins its binder is inherently permeable, meaning the rate of copper leaching can be controlled.

Key Features or SYNERGY
  • Inherently permeable resin technology makes SYNERGY always effective, even in the most severe fouling conditions.
  • Suitable for use in all waters of the world.
  • High copper content produces a dry film containing 80% of pure copper. It does not contain additional biocides that would leach out in a year or two.
  • Very long life - up to 10 years when correctly applied.
  • Does not require abrading.
  • Two modes of operation provide a self cleaning effect that prolongs service periods.
  • Economical - provides the lowest long term cost of any antifouling system.
  • Almost maintenance free - only requires pressure washing during haul out.
  • Extends the period between slipping because SYNERGYs self-cleaning property helps it remain clean for longer than other products.
  • Provides a very hard, tough and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Can be polished if required when used on racing yachts.
  • Easy to repair damaged areas.
  • Can be applied in temperatures from 5degC to 40degC and up to 90% humidity.
  • Approved by HSE No. 9779

PRIMER: Must be applied to a coat of SAFEGUARD TC epoxy tie coat

COVERAGE: 3.4m sq/l (for four coats)

Please Note: Product now discontinued.

Full Product Datasheet

Safeguard TC Tie-Coat Primer

Safeguard TC Tie-Coat Primer

SAFEGUARD TC is a low viscosity, two component epoxy tie coat developed for use as a primer for SYNERGY antifouling. It is also ideal for use where excellent adhesion of subsequent coatings or fillers is required.

SAFEGUARD TC can applied to new, uncured epoxy coatings or to old coatings and GRP.

  • Excellent adhesion to virtually all uncured, or prepared old substrates
  • Matt finish can be over-coated at any time
  • Easy to apply in thin coats
  • Can be used during long coating procedures to provide a brake and thus avoid abrading before coating continues.


SAFEGUARD TC can be applied by any method. Short pile mohair rollers provide an excellent finish. Foam rollers are unsuitable.

If the substrate is unacceptably rough a coat of EASY FAIR SEU can be applied first and sanded smooth.

OVER-COATING Safeguard TC can be over-coated with Synergy antifouling or most other coatings at any time after the minimum over-coating time.

Type: Solvent born epoxy coating

Coverage: 8m2 per litre per coat

Mix Ratio: 100 parts base to 16 parts hardener

Solvent: Synsol 100 Epoxy Solvent

Colour: Grey

Product Datasheet