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Skippers Epozinc 2C

Skippers Epozinc 2C

Skippers Epozinc 2C

Skippers Epozinc 2C is a high-build two-component epoxy primer with anti-osmosis properties

High-build epoxy satin coating for all types of surfaces. The advantage to build up a thickness of 100-150 dry microns per coat allows sensible reduction of labour costs. Overcoatable with chlorinated rubber, epoxy or polyurethane coatings for high quality long lasting anticorrosive coating systems. Excellent as anti-osmosis pre-treatment on fibreglass boats. Provides outstanding chemical resistance in the marine environment, both in atmosphere or immersion conditions.

MIXING RATIO A+B: 85 parts Sol.A + 15 Sol.B by volume or 95 parts Sol.A + 5 Sol.B in by weight

POT LIFE A+B: 4- 6 hours at 20°C


APPLICATION: Brush, Roller (touch ups))

DILUTION: brush, roller: 10-15% Thinner 765, spray:25-35% Thinenr 765

DRYING TIMES: touch dry: 30 minutes; recoat time: 12 hours

TH.COVERAGE: 13 m2/Lt or 4-5 m2/Kg for 40 dry microns

Skippers Epozinc 2C 2 litres Grey

Skippers Epozinc 2C 2 litres Grey

Price: 101.61 (121.93 Including VAT at 20%)