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Skipper's Acriglass Polyacrylic Gloss

Skipper's Acriglass Polyacrylic Gloss 750ml

Skipper's Acriglass Polyacrylic Gloss 750ml

Price: 30.76 (36.91 Including VAT at 20%)

Two-component polyacryic high gloss enamel

Two-component polyacrilic enamel, absolutely non-yellowing, performing gloss retention properties and colour stability. Recommended for professional painting finìsh of yachts and boats.

COLOURS: N. 9 shades (see colour card below)

MIXING RATIO A+B: 3 parts Sol. A + 1 Sol. B by volume

POT LIFE: Use mixture A+B within 6-8 hours

Brush, Roller, Spray

DILUTION: brush, roller:15-25% F.Thinner 205; spray: 20-35% Thinner 203

DRYING TIMES: 1-2 hours; recoat time: 24 hours

TH.COVERAGE: 10 m2/Lt for 40 dry microns per coat

PACK SIZE A+B: LT 0,750 - (LT 3 only White)

Product Datasheet

Acriglass Colours

Acriglass Colours

Skipper's Thinner 205

Skipper's Thinner 205

Flowing retardant thinner for polyurethane and polyacrylic two-component paints.