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Sika Multiprimer Marine

Sika Multiprimer Marine 250ml

Sika Multiprimer Marine 250ml

With the new developed pre-treatment Sika® MultiPrimer Marine, Sika is able to offer an easy and safe alternative for the ship yards and end user in the Marine Industry.This primer can be applied on the most common substrates used and with that reduces the amount of pre-treatment for the individual applications.

Technical Features

Excellent adhesion performance on many substrates

GRP, stainless steel, aluminium, woods

Easy to be used and applied

Melamine foam / brush / cloth

Offers very good reliability

Excellent durability

Convenient workability

Sika MultiPrimer Marine offers reliability, high bonding strength, durability and convenient workability. The material can be usedin conjunction with the following Sika Marine sealants and adhesives:

Sikaflex®-291i – Multi purpose marine sealant for interior and exterior applications with wide adhesion range

Sikaflex®-292i – Structural adhesive for various bonding applications

Sikaflex®-295i UV – The weathering resistant marine adhesive for sealing and bonding of organic glasses

Sikaflex®-298i – Bedding compound

Sikaflex®-290i DC – Weathering resistant and sandable deck caulking compound

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