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Nautix Clear Non-Slip Deck Coatings

Nautix NX Grip Clear 2 Pack

Nautix NX Grip Clear 2 Pack

Nautix Grip is a two-pot colourless non-slip paint formulated to give the best feet adhesion and an outstanding resistance in the marine environment and to ultraviolet degradation and hydrocarbons.

The two-pot formulation provides very high quality and hardness, exceptional impact and abrasion resistance.

Nautix Grip is resistant to washing with detergent.

Nautix Grip can be applied on polyester (gelcoat), on epoxy (resin or paint), on polyurethane two-pot enamel or varnish and ASA substrates.

Pack Size
NX Grip Clear 0.5Kg (20.85 Excluding VAT) NX Grip Clear 3Kg 88.20 Inc. VAT

Nautix Deck Grip 3 Clear 750ml

Nautix Deck Grip 3 Clear 750ml

Nautix DECK GRIP is a one-pack, clear non-skid deck paint providing a good feet adhesion on deck or companion way steps. DECK GRIP can be applied over polyester (GRP), epoxy (resin or paint), one- or two-pack enamels or varnishes and wood.

  • Can be applied deck, companion way ordeck hatches without blocking the light - Good resistance to abrasion and UV
  • Application by soft/flocked foam roller (stear well the roller before application) or low pressure spray gun.
  • Do not apply under 15C.
  • Drying time at 15C: 6 hours

    Thinner: mix Nautix DA 10% before application

    Coverage: 8 m²/l .

    Price: 23.95 (28.74 Including VAT at 20%)