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Linbide Indasa Paint Scrapers

Linbide Tungsten Paint Scraper

Linbide Tungsten Paint Scraper

Price: 14.57 (17.48 Including VAT at 20%)

The linbide general purpose scraper, scrapes paint, varnish, polish and glue off metal and wood surfaces and can be used with heat or a chemical stripper. Solidly constructed with a steel handle and fitted with a 50mm double edged reversible tungsten carbide blade.

Dimensions; 7 Inches length and 2 inches wide bade.

Use a pull action for cold scraping and and a pushing action for burning off paint or varnish.

Linbide Tungsten Scraper Blade 50mm

Price: 7.25 (8.70 Including VAT at 20%)

Linbide Tungsten Triangle Blade

Price: 5.81 (6.97 Including VAT at 20%)