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Fertan Rust Converter

Fertan Rust Converter

Fertan Rust Converter

Fertan Rust Converter does exactly that. It converts rust into a stable, inert surface - ready for priming and painting.

Unlike other water based rust converters - Fertan treated surfaces can be left for days, weeks, or up to six months before being washed (with Holdtight HT102 salt remover solution) and overpainted with either single pack or Two Pack Epoxy Primers.

Idea for use where shot blasting is either impractical or risky. In normal conditions, pull-off tests show coatings applied onto Fertan treated surfaces perform as well those onto blasted steel.

Applied simply by brush or spray onto rusted steel or cast iron surface, Fertan drives into the rust and finds the bare metal. Fertan lays down a protective layer of zinc, then converts the rust upwards into a black inert compound.

Loose rust is converted to a powder, which can be simply brushed off.

  • Water based - non toxic
  • Long term solution to corrosion
  • Wide range of overcoating options - primers or blackings
  • Ready for painting in 24hrs (48hrs in low temperatures).
  • Simply wash and allow to dry before priming with Ferpox, Interprotect or Light Primer.
  • Long shelf life
  • Ideal treatment for corrosion on steel and cast iron keels.

HoldTight 102 Flash Rust Preverter

HoldTight 102 Flash Rust Preverter

Clean surfaces simply don't rust, and no other product cleans like HoldTight.

Extend the life of all steel boat coatings with HoldTight 102 - the ultimate surface prep solution.

When used in diluted form with a pressure washer; HoldTight 102 will remove salts, acids, light oils and greases and other contaminants without leaving any residue. Prevents flash rust for up to 48 hours or longer on freshly blasted or hand prepared bare steel for a tightly adhered coating bond.

HoldTight 102 is safe and effective on a wide variety of surfaces for use can also be used as a wet blast additive.

  • No better final surface prep for steel aluminium and GRP
  • Easy to use - biodegradable formula
  • Use diluted 50:1 in a pressure washer
  • Dries with no residue
  • Surface is ready for primers as soon as it's dry

In stock in all pack sizes.

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