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Awlgrip AWLCAT2 Standard Converter G3010

AWLCAT #2 Standard Converter G3010

AWLCAT #2 Standard Converter G3010

Usage Confirmation:
This product will be used or applied by a professional?

G3010 AWL-CAT® #2 Standard Topcoat Converter for Spray Application.

Awlgrip G3010 AwlCat #2 Converter is to be used with Awlgrip when spraying only or with AwlCraft 2000.

Spray: Mix by volume one part Awlgrip Topcoat Base Component with one part Awlcat #2/G3010 Spray Converter to a smooth,homogenous mixture. Reducer addition level required to achieve 14 seconds viscosity (DIN4 or equivalent) varies color to colour.

For standard conventional spray application this can be attained by adding up to 25% reducer (thinners) using the correct spray reducer(s) appropriate for conditions. For example, if a 25% reduction is used, overall mix is 1:1:½ by volume (8 oz. Base, 8 oz. G3010, 4 oz.

Reducer). Clear coats and painting in high temperature conditions may require additional reduction.