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International Paints
Manuals, specification, guidance, Data Sheets,MSDS and links to buy. Data MSDS Buy
International Manuals Data MSDS Buy
Epiglass Application Manual  
International antifoulings guide  
International epoxy guide  
International topside finishes guide  
International Paint Manual 2011-(more up to date but not as detailed as 2010.) International-2009guide.pdf  
International Paint Manual 2010 **** good general guide International-2009guide.pdf  
International narrowboat guide  
International varnishes guide  
International Perfection guide - very detailed professional guide.  
International Gelshield Plus guide 2004- very detailed professional guide  

International 'How to ..' ,
Specification leaflets and Colour Charts

Data MSDS Buy
Choosing the right antifouling  
Preparation and priming before antifouling  
Anti-Osmosis handy specs  
Applying Gelshield 2000  
Painting Keels  
Preparation and priming of glassfibre  
Preparation and priming of Steel  
Preparation and priming of Wood  
Preparation and painting of Narrowboats  
Outdrive Specifications  
Antifouling Specifications  
Antifouling compatibility Chart  
Topside specifications  
Colour Card - Antifouling  
Colour Card - Topsides  
How to sand - sanding techniques pdf for sanding techniques    
Yacht Coatings Diary    

International Professional Leaflets

Data MSDS Buy
Paint Removal method  
Pro Antifoul compatibility chart  
Application of Primers  
Application of Professional Antifoulings  
Importance of Good Sanding Practice  
Surface Preparation Aluminium  
Surface Preparation Existing Paint Schemes  
Surface Preparation GRP FRP Composites  
Surface Preparation Repairs  
Surface Preparation Steel  
Surface Preparation Wood  
Topside spraying  
Sanding procedures  

International Professional Quick Reference Leaflets

Data MSDS Buy
OEM No sand scheme-solvent based  
Wood Clear Coat  

International Personal Health Protection

Data MSDS Buy
Your Health A guide to using epoxy resin based fillers  
Data Sheets Data MSDS Buy
500 Wipe Down Solvent
Aqua 12
Clear Wood Sealer- Fast Dry
Clear Wood Sealer std. (Polygrond)
Compass varnish
Adobe   Buy
Cruiser Premium
Cruiser UNO
Dex 1+2
Epiglass Epoxy Solvent
Epiglass HTI10
Epiglass HT220
Epiglass HT330
Epiglass HT440
Epiglass HT9000 Fast (YAA900, YAA905)
Epiglass HT9000 Fast
Epiglass HT9000 Slow
Epiglass HT9000 Standard
Epoxy Finishing Filler
Epoxy GP Coating
Epoxy Interior Coating HS
Epoxy LG Filler
Etch Primer
Fibreglass No Sand Primer
Fibreglass Surface Prep
Gelcoat Cleaner Stain Remover
Gelshield 200 (Professional)
Gelshield 200
Gelshield Plus
Goldspar Satin
Interbond 201
Interclene 245
Interfill 100
Interfill 830 Fast Cure
Interfill 830
Interfill 833 Fast Cure
Interfill 833
Interfill 835- now withdrawn
Interfill Epoxy Filler
Intergard 263
Intergard 269
Intergard 276
Intergard 400
Intergard 740
Interior Coating
Interlac 497
Interlac 665
Interline 154
Interline 704
Interline 904 I
Interline 982
Interlux Super
Interlux Super
International GTA004
International GTA007
International GTA220
International GTA820
International Interlux Antifouling
Interprime 198
Interprime 529
Interprime 539
Interprime 820 (thinned IS%)
Interprime 820
Interprime 850
Interprime 880 (YPA881 YPA882)
Interprime 880
Interprime Accelerator
GE Interprotect(Professional)
Interseal 670HS
Intershield 300
Interspeed 340
Interspeed 642
Interspeed Aqua White
Interspeed Aqua
Interspeed Primer
Interspeed Ultra
Interspray 800 Glazecoat
Interspray 900 Accelerator
Interspray 900 Anti-Crater Additive
Interspray 900 Matting Coat
Interspray 900
Interspray Accelerator
Interstrip AF
Interstrip Paint Remover
Interthane 989
Interthane 990
Intertuf 16
Intertuf 203
Intertuf 262
Intertuf 674
Liquid Rubbing
Matting Additive
Metallic Pink Primer
Micron 55
Micron 66
Micron Extra (Professional)
Micron Extra
file buy
Micron Optima
Micron 77 (replaces Micron 66)
PDF   Buy
Midcoat Flat
Midcoat Flat HS
New Waterways- now withdrawn
Perfection (Professional)
Perfection Matting Agent
Perfection Undercoat
Perfection Varnish for Teak
Perfection Plus Varnish- replaces Perfection Varnish
Perfection Plus Varnish- glazecoat
Perfection Varnish- now withdrawn
Polish with Teflon
Polyurethane Basecoat
Professional Self Polishing Antifouling
PU Accelerator
Schooner Gold
Soft Antifouling
Super Cleaner High Pressure
Super Cleaner
Superyacht 900 Antifouling
Teak Oil
Teak Restorer
Thinner 333
Thinner 910
Thinner 915
Thinner 920
Thinner 925
Thinner 930
Thinner No16 (Hiwave Brush thinner)
Thinners No14 (Hi-Wave Brush Thinner)
Thinners No. l
Thinners No.3
Thinners No.7
Thinners No.9
Thinners No. 10
Trilux 33 Professional
Trilux Prop-O-Drev (U.K. & DK)
UC Gloss
UCP- now withdrawn
VC 17m Extra - Bright White
VC 17m Extra - Fluoro Orange
VC 17m Extra - Graphite
VC 17m
VC General Thinner
VC Offshore with Teflon
VC Prop-O-Drev Primer
VC Tar2
Veridian Tie Coat
Veridian Top Coat - Clear -
Veridian Top Coat - White Colours
Waterways Plus
Wax Sealer with Teflonp
Wax Shampoo
Yacht Primer (Professional)
Yacht Primer
Yacht Rubbing
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