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Skippers Epoxy Light Filler

Skippers Epoxy Light Filler 5 Litre

Skippers Epoxy Light Filler 5 Litre

Price: 187.00 (224.40 Including VAT at 20%)

Skippers Epoxy Light Filler is a two component light weight epoxy filler

Two-component light epoxy filler for high thickness surface levelling on steel, aluminium and light alloy boats and on concrete surfaces. This filler is very flexible and can be applied in a single coat. Its low specific gravity formulation allows to limit the product load onto the coated substrate. Widely used in the boatyard industry.

MIX A+B: 1 partof Sol. A con 1 part of Sol. B in volume

POT LIFE A+B: 1 hour; COLOUR A+B: Grey

APPLICATION BYSPATOLA: Ready for use (or max. 5% Thinner 765)

TOOL CLEANING: Epoxy Thinner 765

DRYING TIMES: touch dry: 3-4 hours; recoat time: after 24 hours

SANDPAPERING: after 24 hours

TH.COVERAGE: 2 m2/Lt for 500 dry microns

To special order: Lead time 2-3 weeks.