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Seajet Propeller Triple-pack

Seajet Propeller Triple Pack

Seajet Propeller Triple Pack

Price: 21.90 (26.28 Including VAT at 20%)

Seajet's Triple Pack anti-foul is designed specifically for the protection of propellers, out-drives, trim-tabs and stern gear.

Seajet Triple Pack is suitable for aluminium, aluminium-alloy and bronze substrates and contains 2-part epoxy primer system to ensure maximum adhesion to the bare metal surface, followed by Seajet 034 Emperor as the final topcoat.

Seajet 034 Emperor is one of Seajet's best performing, self-polishing anti-foul products designed to prevent all forms of sea growth, barnacles, slime and algae from attaching itself to the protected surface.

Seajet Triple Pack is the new standard for the underwater protection of props and stern gear.

Please note: existing antifoulings and single pack primers must be removed before application of the primer system.

Intended Use: DIY and Professional Use.

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