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Reactive Resins Timberseal CV

Timberseal CV Clear flexible waterproof Epoxy Varnish

Timberseal CV Clear flexible waterproof Epoxy Varnish

Timberseal CV is a clear, solvent free, high build epoxy coating system which contains a high level of special additives which greatly improve its adhesion and water resistance.


Clear, flexible tough, and durable.

High build formula rapidly develops a thick, smooth coating.

Excellent water resistance.

Excellent undercoat for conventional or polyurethane varnish.

Excellent adhesion, will not delaminate from correctly prepared substrate.

Timberseal CV is slightly thixotropic and can be applied in thick high build coatings without sagging. The cured coating is smooth, tough and slightly flexible. It will not carbonate during curing except in very cold and damp conditions.

Uses: Timberseal CV is suitable for varnishing and waterproofing woodwork where a durable coating is required. Timberseal CV will keep the wood dry, even when it is continuously immersed.

Application: Timberseal CV must be mixed thoroughly. Either mix all of the hardener into all of the resin, or if you require a smaller quantity or are unable to use all of the material within its pot life, weigh out resin and hardener in the proportions specified on the label. Ensure that the material is mixed well. Timberseal CV should be applied liberally by brush or spray to timber that has been primed with Timberseal PS. Solvent is not normally required but small amounts of Synsol 100 solvent can be used if necessary.

Over-coating Timberseal CV must be over-coated within the times shown in the manufacturers table according to the ambient temperature and the hardener used. If it is allowed to cure beyond the maximum over-coating time its must be abraded to a matt surface to provide a key before applying further coating.

If the surface will be exposed to strong sunlight it should be protected by one or two coats of clear Polyurethane varnish such as International Perfection Plus or Epifanes Polyurethane Varnish.

Product Now discontinued - alternatives listed below.