Burgess Marine Woodsealer

Marine Woodsealer Application Instructions

Marine Woodsealer may be used on any bare wood that needs protection. Two coat gives protection, further coats give added protection. Woodsealer leaves a pleasing, teak colour matt finish. If a high gloss is required overcoat with TOP GLOSS. To give protection in areas subjected to high levels of abrasion CLEAR SEALER may be applied over Marine Woodsealer.

This will give a satin finish.


1. The wood should be free from paint, varnish, oil and grease.

2. The wood need not be dry when Woodsealer is applied, but must be allowed to dry after application.

3. Grey, weathered wood need not be sanded.

4. New or newly sanded oily woods, such as teak are best left to weather before application of Woodsealer. This will remove surface oils allowing Woodsealer to soak into the surface grain.

5. Woodsealer can be brushed, sprayed, or applied by a ball of lint free cloth. One coat will dry in 15 minutes. May be overcoated before dry.

6. On absorbent woods multi-coats of Woodsealer can be applied wet on wet - ie as soon as the grain appears above the surface of the previous coat apply another.

7. SATIN FINISH - if a sheen is required - overcoat with CLEARSEALER

8. HIGH GLOSS FINISH - if required overcoat with TOP GLOSS - once the Woodsealer is thoroughly dry.

9. Clean wet brushes, spills etc with water-oncedry - with petrol or cellulose thinners once dry. Note that Woodsealer can be thinned with water if required.

Health & Safety Burgess Hydrosol Woodsealer is low-toxic and non-flamable, but please keep it away from unsupervised children. Do not allow to pollute ponds or waterways. Unlikely to irritate skin. If sensitive use a barrier cream or rubber gloves. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Keep sealed and frost free. Safe for air transport.