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Rylard paint
2 Pack Etch Primer- Spraying/Brushing etch primer for use on non ferrous surfaces to inhibit corrosion and improve system adhesion.
2 Pack Etch Primer
Cement Filler White- A conventional knifing filler which is ideal for filling screw holes, bruises and seams above the waterline on timber craft.
dCement Filler White
Coflex VT- Vinyl Tar coating with excellent oil & diesel resistance, allied to abrasion resistance, flexibility and weather resistance. Dries to a pleasant matt finish and exhibits good application properties.
Engine Bay/ Bilge Paint- Gloss finish for engine bays and other below deck areas. Will give heat resistance up to 150oC
Engine Bay Paint.pdf
Epicol CT Epoxy -A heavy duty two pack coal tar epoxy, which is water impermeable and chemically resistant. The cured film is abrasion and impact resistant. EpicolCT Epoxy.pdf  
Engine Bay/ Bilge Paint- Gloss finish for engine bays and other below deck areas. Will give heat resistance up to 150oC
Engine Bay Paint.pdf
Fast Dry Sealer / Lacquer- A high quality 1 pack n/c based satin finish sealer/lacquer for solid timbers and veneered MDF and particle board.
Fast Dry Sealer / Lacquer-
Fibreglass Primer- A specially formulated primer for application to polyester glass fibre, to provide adhesion to the surface and allow for additional finishing operations.
Fibre glass primer.pdf
Incralac Protective Lacquer for Brass & Copper- An exterior grade clear one-part lacquer for use on brass and copper.
One Pack Polyurethane Varnish- A modern polyurethane varnish for bright work, sides and decks giving the extra hardness and protection of polyurethane without the need of a catalyst. May be applied over conventional stoppers or varnish.
Plus Enamel Gloss Finishes- Traditional high quality long oil alkyd enamel formulated to give excellent gloss, flow and weather resistance. Will give heat resistance up to 150 degrees Celsius
Plus Enamel.pdf
Rylard Raddle is a single pack semi-gloss finish based on alkyd resin, strengthened with specially selected extenders and formulated using durable lead free pigments.
Having both good resistance to oil and water, Rylard Raddle is ideal for use in the marine environment. Rylard Raddle offers an excellent reduction in reflection and glare when used on boat roofs and is also suitable for use when a dull traditional heritage finished is required.
Premium Protection.pdf
Premium Protection- High performance bitumen coating containing Gilsonite and synthetic resins. Exhibits a deep black gloss finish. Suitable for application to iron & steel and weathered masonry.
Premium Protection.pdf
Primer-Filler Grey- Brushing and spraying primer-filler for use on pitted or uneven metal surfaces to give an even surface for fine finishing.
Red Oxide/Zinc Phosphate Holding Coat- Brushing and spraying holding coat for use over Rylard Zinc Phosphate Primer to increase corrosion protection and provide interim protection of newly built hulls during storage before final painting and fitting out.
RedOxide Holding Coat.pdf
Rust Konverta- Rust converting coating a water based chelating polymer designed for field application to rusted steel which has been hand or power cleaned or sand blasted.
Rylaid Paint Conditioner- Resin/solvent combination, containing Linseed Oil, formulated for addition to Rylard Plus Enamel to ensure correct flow and gloss are achieved when humidity/temperature conditions are not ideal.
Rytex- Versatile high performance bodied bitumen solution which dries to an attractive satin finish.
Silvoline Aluminium Paint- Bright Aluminium decorative coating for use on all exposed deck ironwork; stantions; davits etc. is also used as decorative finish in architectural applications, notably the lamp standards at Millennium Point, Birmingham.
Slip Resistant Deck Paint Kit- For addition to Rylard Plus Enamel to produce a non-slip coating suitable for upper decks and walkways
Slip Resistant Deck Paint Kit
Standard Black- Fast drying low viscosity coal tar varnish. Pleasant gloss appearance with better gloss retention than bitumen paints. Also exhibits resistance to oil & diesel.
Terebine Driers- A ready mixed drier combination that will assist the drying of Rylard products in poor weather conditions.
Terebine Driers
Undercoat for Plus Enamel- Traditional high quality long oil alkyd undercoat formulated to work as undercoat for Rylard Plus Enamel
Water Tank Coating- Bitumen Coating used to protect water tanks that have been previously treated with a bitumen coating.
Wood Primer-Grey- Brushing and spraying primer for use on all wooden surfaces.

Yacht & Boat Varnish- Traditional high quality yacht & boat varnish for bright work, sides and decks giving exceptionally hard elastic coating with a brilliant deep durable gloss.
Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer- Brushing and spraying primer for use on ferrous or non-ferrous surfaces to inhibit corrosion.

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