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Rylard Premium Enamel

Rylard Premium Polyurethane Enamel 4 litres

Rylard Premium Polyurethane Enamel 4 litres

Price: 123.08 (147.70 Including VAT at 20%)

This product will be used by a professional?

Utilising the latest two pack polyurethane resin system, Rylard Premium Enamel doubles lifetime of single pack paint systems. Designed for professional spray application.

  • Superb performance and durability
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance, coupled with outstanding weathering properties
  • Rapid film hardening, allowing quick turnaround
  • Enhanced colour and gloss stability, requiring no undercoat

Undercoat: Rylard Premium Primer (light Grey).

Thinner: Rylard Thinner No. 6

Air-Assisted Airless Spray: Output fluid pressure at tip 2000-2500 psi min., Tip Size 9-13 thou (0.23-0.33 mm), thin up to 3% if required

Conventional spray: thin up to 10%, 45-60psi pressure and 1.4-2.0mm fluid tip

Brush and roller application should only be used for small touch-up areas

Product Datasheet

Rylard Plus Colours (Indicative only)

Rylard Premium Enamel Non Standard Colour 4 litres

Rylard Premium Enamel Non Standard Colour 4 litres

Price: 139.53 (167.44 Including VAT at 20%)

Tinted to your colour choice.We can tint the enamel with a colour of your choice. Please put your colour choice RAL code or full description in the box below. If there is a problem we will be in touch.

Rylard Thinner No 6 - 1lt

Rylard Thinner No 6 - 1lt

Price: 8.49 (10.19 Including VAT at 20%)

For use with Rylard Premium Enamel.

Rylard Anti-Slip Kit

Rylard Anti-Slip Kit

Price: 5.95 (7.14 Including VAT at 20%)

Smooth fine aggregate powder designed for addition to Rylard Plus Enamel to produce a non-slip coating suitable for upper deck areas and walkways.

Supplied in a 1 litre size container, to produce an anti-slip paint simply add 1 x 750ml can of Rylard Plus Enamel of the chosen colour to the container and thoroughly stir. It is recommended that the anti-slip paint thus produced be applied by brush.